What is Intermittent Fasting? – How to loose stubborn fat?

What is Intermittent Fasting? – How to loose stubborn fat?

An expert is a man who has made
all the mistakes which can be made
in a very narrow field.
Niels Bohr, Danish physicist and Nobel Prize laureate
Everything popular is wrong.
Oscar Wilde

Assumptions of diet:
fat tissue burning, maintaining muscle tissue,
increase of strength and stamina,
better physical fitness,
increase of immunity to infections,
no tiredness and weariness during day,
better concentration and willingness to act,
high sexual efficiency,
better psychical balance.

Introduction to diet. My experience.

The book is a collection of several years my practice with
strength training and experimentation with different types of
diet and forms of training. I was able to afford on different
techniques and nutrition treatment, so I have came to firm
conclusions, which increases quality of life definitely.
The following guide is intended for every person, which
wants to improve own appearance and health condition. Beginners
and overweighted persons should – at first – to concentrate
on the dietetic suggestions. The diet is based on the
selected ingredients and begins quickly fat tissue burning, as
well as improves the general health.
For several years, my weight oscillated between 102 kg and
105 kg, my height – 186 cm. Fatness was 18 % (you can check
amount of fat tissue on the special electronic scale, e.g. in the
fitness club). My maximal weight was 108 kg, but fatness was
22 %. It was moment, in which my stomach was visually larger
than my chest.
Before changes, my diet was full of diverse highly processed
products. I loved chips, crunchy, pizza, hamburgers, French
fries, candy. I ate a lot of white bread and very big amount
of pasta. The Sunday was my feast. Sometimes, it was 5000
calories of sugars and carbohydrates. I didn’t refuse yourself

Change in eating habits resulted
significant improvement of cholesterol,
hepatic and pancreatic rates.

sweetened beverages and different candy. Although – thanks
regular training – I didn’t cross the red line, I decided to gain
fat tissue as many as possible, and then elaborate system of
the nutrition, which will results decrease of fat tissue, but will
have issue on the my frame of mind.
For one year, I lost 21 kg and my weight was 87 kg. The percentage
of fat tissue was 10%. At the height 186 cm – I gained
ideal body weight.
For one year, I tested almost every known diet. Every cycle
was about 6 weeks of diet. Training techniques was changed
too, and it was analysed efficiency of fat tissue burning, muscle
tissue protection and increase of muscle tissue. The following
conclusions are choose result of the best diet, which I
used and I use now.
For persons, which don’t works out, training rules haven’t
meaning, except minimal physical activity. The system is
based on the caloric deficit and properties of the food products,
which begins process of fat burning.

The tree of health.

The adage “You are what you eat” is more true than it might
seem. Human organism is a huge ironworks, which transforms
permanently raw materials to energy and timber. What we put
into the oven, it will have meaning for quality of produced energy
and quality of timber. Human gastrointestinal system is
complicated system of processing many different of the nutrients,
which main objective is maintaining of our body in
psychical condition ensuring the survival. If we wants that biochemical
reactions in our organism were correct, we have to
give necessary nutrients. For using different techniques based
on the diet low-carb systems, rotation of carbohydrates, periodic
starvation diets and practical knowledge, I elaborated
own system of the nutrition.
The essence of this nutrition style is permutation of organism
from obtaining energy of sugars and carbohydrates to
obtaining energy from reserve fat. It’s accumulated in almost
whole body and betweens organs. Visceral fat is fat between
organs, so it’s very adverse for us, because charges organs,
causes pressure and decrease efficiency of work. A lot of people
resigns to slimming, because they don’t see quick effect
of decreasing stomach. It’s result of fact that fat is burning
evenly from the entire body. The stomach is last granary of organism, so patience and consequence is important. We don’t
adjust for a very quick results. We need months on the stable
process of reduction. It will give us better understanding
of our body, adaptation and bigger comfort during diet. Also
should be aware that organism habited to often high-sugar
meals, will protest, what maybe results in nervousness. It
could be state from 3 days to 2 weeks. After the period, organism
adapts to new model of the nutrition and it is moment, in
which we begins to see first symptoms of the improvement of
life quality and mood.
Eating selected products isn’t sufficient. The important is
duration of nutrition period in twenty four hours. I did many
tests in aim of establishing time to eating meals. In my case,
eating often and small meals 6–7 was ineffective, and decrease
of fat tissue was minimal. In this system, metabolism
is rapid and feel of hunger is common. Optimal system, which
I elaborated, are 4 meals every day, eating to 14–15 hour. Many
of you asks: “and what next?”. Next only water, herbs, coffee,
tea. It exists conception, which says that it’s system, which
you can use in the other time frame, with remaining 16 hours
of fast between meals. Because my last meal at 14 was wonderful
idea, so I think that it’s ideal model. However, you can
start to end eating at 18, and then you move back one hour.
It’s important to perceive that method of nutrition is a gift for
our organism. The liver and pancreas have 16 hours full relax
and stillness. Such period of regeneration for the important
organs, will have impact for better functioning. The benefits
are very measurable, because rested and regenerated liver
and pancreas copes better with food portion next day. The regeneration
of liver and pancreas it’s not everything. We have a time too for organism, which eliminates products of metabolism
Last meal in the diet, should be no carbohydrates from
grain and potatoes. The vegetables are permissible. If you like
citruses, you can add one fruit to the last meal. The best option
is grapefruit, because it is exception to the rule “no fruits
after meal”. The fruit has low fructose content, it has many
valuable properties and it is rich source of the cellulose. We
don’t eat the grapefruit, when we have to take medicaments.
We have to remember that rule exists “we don’t drink liquids
during meals” (stomach acids can’t dissolve liquids). We
drink the liquids in period of not eating or in the night, if we
need. The amount of liquids is determined individually, but
should pay attention that we have to urinate at least every
4 hours. The water drinking to 2–3 litres is permissible. The
next advantage of the nutrition system is sleeping at inactive
digestive system. The quality of dream is incredible. The regeneration
is better definitely. The organism isn’t focused on
the digestion, but it has possibility of complete regeneration
of organism, the elimination of toxins and the regeneration of
inflammatory foci. You should have a bottle of water by the
bed, especially at the start diet, when hunger pangs might to
direct us to the fridge. In those days, you should to drink few
sips of the water in aim of fill stomach. I caught myself several
times that I don’t go to the toilet at night, but I go to the
kitchen and I ate several apples, what stopped process of fat
burning. The most extreme situation was the eating of onion
at night. It was reason of caloric deficit, but I learned about
this fact at morning, when my wife was amazed that she found gnawed remains of onions on the counter-top in the kitchen
(like apple) … yes, I was me.
Developed by me, the plan of nutrition is connected with
diet techniques, known as Hay diet. I had problems with abdominal
distension for all my life, but I didn’t know, what is
reason. We listen the commercials about supplements for digestion,
aids digestion of fat. I was conceived that it is true,
and my problems are result of the eating big amount of fat. The
real chop with big portion of the potatoes, spaghetti, French
fries and delicious doughnuts was reason of these abdominal
distensions. The discovery, which I made, was absolute shock
and big luckiness simultaneously, because problem of the abdominal
distensions disappeared no using of medicaments
and supplements. The trick lay in the fact to don’t mix carbohydrates
and fats. It’s easy! The rule of digestion in our digestive
system is following: at first, organism will to want always
to get glucose from the most important source, and so carbohydrates.
The fat will be stored for later. The situation is reason
of discomfort and longer time of digestion. The heaviness
and feel of full stomach is known every follower of gluttony.
In my case, only meal, in which I mix protein, fat and carbohydrates
is meal after training. The carbohydrates, which I use
in the meal comes from millet groats, which has low cellulose
content and it is good tolerated for me. The persons, which
don’t works out, might to eat main portion of carbohydrates
no fat, because it is increase their comfort. For example, kefir
with millet groats and nuts will be good idea.
As well, if you want to eat fruits, it will be the best first
meal to eating.

Fat and protein, good digestion
I have come to interesting conclusions too, as regards big consumption
of protein and fat. When I ate 300 gr cheese in one
portion (no add carbohydrates) I didn’t feel any discomfort or
feeling of fullness.
One from the most burdensome diet elements is excretion.
Reduced the amount of fiber causes worse peristalsis. Helpful
things are pickled cucumbers and juice of sauerkraut. Regular
drinking of kefir is recommended as well. For every follower
of citruses, one fruit will be helpful in the better peristalsis.
I recommend grapefruit, but orange and tangerine as well.
It is important to don’t peel fruit epithelium, it is the most
important! You might to go next step and cleanse the bowel
completely, e.g. Once a 3 days, at evening – to drink 500 ml
juice of sauerkraut and take 5 gr vitamin C. After 30 minutes,
we begins to dispose of fecal retention. The cleaning of bowel
should be cyclic activity. Many persons has problems with
constipation, and fecal retention could be bridgehead to the
formation of inflammation.
I know that start of diet isn’t easy and many persons will be
have moments of doubt. The desire of snacking, when we feel
big hunger may take control over our decision and full process
may be interrupted. In this case, it’s good to have close at
hand jar of pickled cucumbers or usual cucumbers. The good idea is learning how to eat of ribbed celery. Such nutrition
hasn’t big impact for diet, but satisfies the ravenous hunger.
The portion of cucumbers you should drink a spoon of linseed
oil to suppress the hunger. The coffee and green tea will be
suppress the hunger as well.
It is one day a week, in which you might to allow yourself to
more. If you want to reset of our organism and ensure culinary
fulfilment, you exchange all healthy food in favourite food. It
may be pizza, cake, bread, ice-cream. It is important to don’t
cross our daily demand. If our daily demand is 2000 calories,
it is demanding sum of calories in this day. Of course, in my
point of view, the best solution is remaining normal diet and
adding one dish during day. In my experience, I know that bigger
amount of sugar in this day will be to slow fat burning. The
next effective week of diet begins from Wednesday.

Diet. Nutrients.
Described nutrition system is intended for over-weighted persons
and unable to practice. The task of diet is permanent loss
of the fat tissue and improvement of life quality.
Products, which I eat:

Fats suitable for frying:
coconut oil, the best form of saturated fatty acids, clarified butter,
the source of CLA and vitamins, butter,
the source of CLA and vitamins; suitable for frying, but at low temperatures, lard.

Fats not suitable for frying:
olive oil, the source of oleic acid, linseed oil (cold pressed),
the source of omega-3 fatty acids, rapeseed oil (cold pressed, unrefined),
the source of omega-3 fatty acids. Plant oils (olive oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil) aren’t suitable for frying. We don’t use refined oils.

chicken meat,
turkey meat,
duck meat,
goose meat,
eggs – soft-boiled eggs and light scrambled eggs are the
best option,
blue grenadier,
homemade cold cuts,
kefir – improves digestion and peristalsis perfectly. Due
to the presence of milk sugar, you mustn’t exaggerate
with quantity,
natural yogurt,
pork and beef occasionally – from that meat you should
make aspic sometimes; natural aspic from meat and
bones is the best source of collagen; therefore, the aspic
increase our organism,
yellow cheese – I prefer yellow cheese, because it has
protein content and lactic acid bacteria,
white cheese.

millet groats – my main source of carbohydrates; the millet
groats is alkalescent, it has a lot of silicon. It is easily
chickpeas, lentil,
buckwheat groats,
potatoes – big amount of vitamins; you should prepare a
separate dish, but not potato cakes; frying potatoes are
hardly digestible,
whole-wheat bread.

Fruits and vegetables:
Chinese cabbage,
grapefruits – don’t mix with medicaments,
ribbed celery,
black currant,
spinach, arugula,
chili peppers,
Brazil nuts (1 piece every day),
almonds (2 pieces every day),
pumpkin seeds,

Because of the fructose content, the fruits must be eat in
small amount – equivalent of one apple. It’s important that
fruits were eating on an empty stomach, between meals perchance,
but not later than 6.00 p.m. We don’t eat fruits past
meal. The fructose in moment, when liver glycogen is supplemented,
it’s metabolised to the fat. The exclusion is grapefruit,
which is allowed after meal.

dry red wine or white wine
When you drink whine, you have to remember about his
several negative aspects, which might to make more difficult
fat burning. Although resveratrol contained in the
wine is favourable for circulatory system, it has dehydrated impact. In my experience, the effect after drinking
wine was strong dehydration, often contractions, strongly
stimulated appetite, which resulted in attacks ravenous
hunger. Helpful solution at drinking wine is rule that every
glass of wine must be supplemented two glasses of still
mineral water. The sparkling water increases impact of alcohol.
We drink wine possibly as supplement to meal, because
helps in improved digestion. We don’t drink on an
empty stomach. Drinking on an empty stomach intensifies
gastric acid secretion and increased appetite.
light beer
Based on my experience, I think that beer hydrates excellent,
it has cleansing action, improves bowel function. Despite
many opinions, the beer isn’t reason of beer belly.
The mixing beer with carbohydrates and sugars has effect
of body fat. Drinking beer no food, don’t increase appetite.)
green tea – excellent alternative for coffee, it stimulates
good too. It has action intensifying metabolism. It operates
herbs – herbal teas are excellent idea of hydration and
supporting the process of digestion and removing toxins,
coffee – better metabolism and fat burning. The coffee
suppresses hunger, while very sucks in the stomach.

The diet don’t content products
rich in sugars. So we avoid:
sugars and his derivatives – a popular table sugar is
sucrose, so mix glucose and fructose; the fructose in moment,
when liver glycogen is supplemented, it’s metabolised
to the fat; sweetening products after breakfast, at
excess caloric will be led to fat deposition,
products from white flour,
highly processed products,
carbonated soft drinks,
processed juices,
alcohols over 40%,
products fried in vegetable oils,
grapes and bananas

Preparing meals
If we don’t wants negative effects of eating, every meal must
be properly prepared. The spices have huge meaning in my
diet. It causes that meals are tasty, but – what is more important
– even healthier. I elaborated several techniques to
increase power of meals action. They are here:

to improve absorption and digestion meat, I grind them
or chop into small pieces,
if meat is greasy, I pour the water in the frying pan, and
cook, then fry on melted fat,
I use a combination of herbs to particles (gyros, turmeric,
pepper, salt, thyme, rosemary, chilli), such mix provides
big antioxidant power, improving digestion and absorption
I eat raw broccoli after delivering boiling water,
I drink only natural juice: 2 beetroots, 2 carrots, half
celery, 2 parsleys, 4 ribbed celeries, 1 apple. Squeezed
juice in a juicer from these products is strong portion
of natural supplement, which cleans the body. It is ideal
after physical training,
the coffee is strong motivator every day is for me, but I
add a little cinnamon for better burning action. No sugar,
of course!
I don’t fry on the vegetable oils – I drink it only,
I don’t use aluminium foil and I don’t drink beverage cans,
I don’t burn food – the meat shouldn’t carbonized never,
fried eggs too,
I don’t mix dairy products with tomato,
pepper improves action of the other spices,
I drink a lot of green tea – It decreases feel of appetite
and stimulates.

Daily and weekly cycles

WARNING! The method of controlled fast isn’t intended
for diabetics or persons with other diseases.

My nutrition style is based on the daily and weekly cycles. It
means that organism habits to cyclical activities. From Monday
to Friday I eat in 9.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m. At Saturday 8.00 a.m.
to 4.00 p.m. The cycle is allowance action of two hormones:
insulin and growth hormone. The insulin is activated for eating
meal. The biggest insulin burst is effect of eating sugars
and carbohydrates. Antagonist of insulin is growth hormone.
When insulin isn’t active, the growth hormone begins action,
and that hormone participates in the fat tissue burning. In
a continuous state of heightened insulin, which task is decrease
too high level of glucose, process of fat tissue burning
is strongly restricted.
Establishing of daily caloric needs
If you want to start diet, at first you have to establish your daily
caloric needs. Every should calculate capacity and calorific
value of portion relative to burning calories during one day.
Calculators are generally available online. If we have correct
result, we subtract 300–500 calories and we create menu for
one day. Meals scheme may be modified freely, using products
from list “recommended products”, remaining proportions: 50% fat (oils, meat, dairy products), 30–35% protein (meat, dairy products), 15–20% carbohydrates (rest).

Support techniques
Are you like cold? Majority of persons says that no. The warmness
is comfort. We like turn up the radiators maximally, because
our home has lukewarm temperature. It turns out that it
isn’t for us best. The cold activates to growth brown fat tissue,
which has positive issue for fight against obesity. Additional
benefit results from lower temperature of environment is fact
that organism is more resistant to infections. Temperature in
my flat oscillates between 17 and 19 degrees Celsius. At the
start, it was big discomfort, but it is optimal for me now. Next
noteworthy action is bath in the cold water (for brave persons)
or cold shower. It stimulates organism. The best shower is alternating.
We wash oneself with warm water, but we rinse cold
water. It is desirable especially, when you are after physical
work or training. Better regeneration and detoxification.
Are you too strongly busy with reason of daily duties? You
have to slow. Take breath. Relax. Fat deposition in the body is
reason too high amount of cortisol, and so stress hormone.
When you are angry or you have burdensome work, it has impact
for your hormones. Your organism is capable of fight and
threat, so accumulates more than should. Additionally, the organism
accumulates sizable portion of free radicals and products
of metabolism. Therefore it is important to give organism
a bit of respite. Forest walk, meditation or reading a book will
be the moment for you. You try every day to do something for
yourself, what helps to calm down.

Vitamin C
My main helpmate for remaining of good physical condition is
vitamin C. Every heard about it. Every eats vitamin C in food,
but not every knows that he eats too little. Short definition of
the importance of vitamin C for human in Wikipedia is following:
In humans, vitamin C is essential to a healthy diet
as well as being a highly effective, acting to lessen oxidative
stress; a substrate for ascorbate peroxidase in
plants (APX is plant specific enzyme); and an enzyme
cofactor for the biosynthesis of many important biochemicals.
Vitamin C acts as an electron donor for important
Vitamin C is found in high concentrations in immune
cells, and is consumed quickly during infections. It is
not certain how vitamin C interacts with the immune
system; it has been hypothesized to modulate the activities of phagocytes, the production of cytokines and
lymphocytes, and the number of cell adhesion molecules
in monocytes.
Vitamin C’s effect on the common cold has been extensively
researched. It has not been shown effective in
prevention or treatment of the common cold, except in
limited circumstances (specifically, individuals exercising
vigorously in cold environments). Routine vitamin
C supplementation does not reduce the incidence or
severity of the common cold in the general population,
though it may reduce the duration of illness.
Daily requirements
The North American Dietary Reference Intake recommends
90 milligrams per day and no more than 2
grams (2,000 milligrams) per day. Other related species
sharing the same inability to produce vitamin C require
exogenous vitamin C consumption 20 to 80 times this
reference intake. There is continuing debate within
the scientific community over the best dose schedule
(the amount and frequency of intake) of vitamin C for
maintaining optimal health in humans. A balanced diet
without supplementation usually contains enough vitamin
C to prevent scurvy in an average healthy adult,
while those who are pregnant, smoke tobacco, or are
under stress require slightly more.
Government recommended intake
Recommendations for vitamin C intake have been
set by various national agencies:

40 milligrams per day or 280 milligrams per week
taken all at once: the United Kingdom’s Food Standards
45 milligrams per day 300 milligrams per week: the
World Health Organization,
80 milligrams per day: the European Commission’s
Council on nutrition labeling,
90 mg/day (males) and 75 mg/day (females): Health
Canada 2007,
60–95 milligrams per day: United States’ National
Academy of Sciences. The United States defined Tolerable
Upper Intake Level for a 25-year-old male is 2,000
milligrams per day.
100 milligrams per day: Japan’s National Institute of
Health and Nutrition. The NIHN did not set a Tolerable
Upper Intake Level.
Human cannot synthesize vitamin C. Nay, vitamin C is not accumulated
and half-life is several hours. In the reduction of
fat tissue, the amount of vitamin C increases significantly. The
supplementation of vitamin C gave me not only better reduction,
but improvement of overall output of organism. Better
regeneration is next benefit, which is due common vitamin.
However, that vitamin began to fulfil the task, it must be provided
in more portion than it is accepted. First thing, which I
did, when I began supplementation of vitamin C, was saturation
of the body.
This consists in drinking 5 gr of vitamin C every 10 minutes,
until the onset of diarrhea. An excess of vitamin C is eliminated
in this way. I make saturation mostly in Sunday, because I want to have time to defecation. 20 g is sufficient sometimes,
50 g sometimes, and I have effect. Some Sunday, when I got up,
with feeling that common cold is coming, I took 80 g of vitamin
C at evening, cause diarrhea. I never didn’t think my organism
will be have such big deficit of vitamin C. I take about 10 g
of vitamin C, prophylactically. I do it at evening usually that
cleanse the body of accumulated toxins. Vitamin C eliminates
heavy metals.
Vitamin D
Next vitamin, which supplementation is important in aspect of
fat burning and regulation of calcium economy. Chronic shortage
of vitamin D has a lot of people, because it is difficult to
make sufficient amount from solar exposure (work, climate) or
from food. Vitamin D is key to better immunity. Actually, I take
about 5000 IU in the form of capsules oil.

My sample mean plan

Monday / Wednesday / Friday,
deficit of 500 calories:
vegetable juice,
meat with millet groats,
yellow cheese, 10 ml linseed oil, 10 ml rapeseed oil,
meat with beet salad, grapefruit.
Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday,
deficit of 500 calories:
10 ml coconut oil, 10 ml rapeseed oil, 10 ml linseed oil,
scrambled eggs + brown bread sandwich with tomato,
yellow cheese,
meat with salad + grapefruit.
Sunday, no deficit:
scrambled eggs, brown bread sandwich with tomato, fruit,
diversely – cheesecake, apple pie, oatmeal cookies,
dinner with potatoes and pastas,
any fast-food, but homemade, from good ingredients.


Such system of nutrition may be way of life. It is not only
wonderful slimming diet, but it is system of nutrition as well,
which may improve our mood and state of health. We aren’t
aware always that food has very big impact on our organism
and our life. The nutrition should be our ally and to be our
mean to remaining of high physical fitness. The quality of diet
and awareness, what is process of nutrition, should determine
our way of thinking about food.
I spent a lot of time and money to make scientific description
of diet. I wanted to make sure that diet will be optimal for
my organism. I used trial and error method and I eliminated
factors, which had an adverse effect for health and process
of fat tissue burning. When you read the guide, you can to use
contained informations and change your life in healthy and
better. The worst is first step, but when we see first effects, it
everything becomes easier. It may be big practical change for
many persons.
Contained advices in the guide are result of my own experiences.
Every person, which wants to implement described nutrition
principles, should do medical exam taking into account
the state of the circulatory system, gastrointestinal system
(sugar, liver tests, pancreas).
In the case of metabolic or other diseases, dietary guidelines
contained in the diet, must be consulted with a doctor.

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